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We offer you the most reliable network of process servers to serve your time-sensitive documents
Process Servers are individuals who give legal notice to a party (usually the defendant) requiring them to respond to a proceeding scheduled to be held before a court, government body, or tribunal. Notice is usually provided by presenting the party in question with court documents such as Summonses, Complaints, Writs, Subpoenas, etc.

Service of All Levels of Legal Documents! 

  • Summons & Complaints 
  • Divorce Papers
  • Subpoenas
  • Writ of Garnishment
  • Restraining Order
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Hard to Serve Defendants

Flat Fee for Service Includes:

  • Three Service Attempts
  • Mileage and Notarized Affidavits
  • Return Postage
  • Early Morning & Late Night Attempts
  • Confirmation by telephone, e-mail or fax
  • Rush Service Available

Additional Services

  • Skip Tracing
  • Court Filings
  • Court Document Preperation
  • Records Research and Retrieval
  • Mobile Fingerprinting
  • Mobile Notary


When you have to have your papers served quickly, correctly and cost effectively you can count on In-N-Out Cash. We have the knowledge and experience required to ensure your assignments are served properly the first time, every time.

By utilizing only expert process servers that serve papers for a living we are able to ensure professional results every time.

All assignments are closely examined and properly supervised to ensure that all necessary accompanying documents are included, endorsed properly and that any timely filing or notice requirements are met.


We combine that philosophy with the latest technologies including the ability to receive status by e-mail, download proofs of service and invoices from a secure FTP server and fill out instruction forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We know that errors on proofs of service cause unnecessary delays and embarrassment, which is why we thoroughly check every proof of
service and report for accuracy before it is filed or returned to you. We put our company name on every proof and we STAND behind our work. 

We offer extremely competitive rates!

Give us a call today to find out how we can not only save you money on your process serving bills, but provide you with the personal service you deserve. 




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